ON Semiconductor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Principal Engineer, Global Industrial Engineer – SEREMBAN, NEGERI SEMBILAN

  • Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
  • Industrial Engineering (Engineering)
  • Full time

onsemi is seeking a self-driven and motivated professional to join the Global Industrial Engineering team, located North American Corporate Headquarters..  

As a Global IE, you will have the opportunity to work on complex capacity planning systems/ structures across multiple factories (Front and Back End of Semiconductor Operations) in US/Europe/Asia. This role will require analysis of each fab operations (capacity model vs actual performance), identify gaps in supply chain and overall operations to constantly drive better results. 

Job Responsibilities

  • As Global IE, you will be expected to learn/master llamaSoft (Supply Chain Guru) Capacity modelling software and understand how each factory model is built (assumptions made, limiting factors such as OEE, Labor and etc) and optimize for increased efficiency and output.
  • As Global IE, you will be working very closely with each site’s IE and Manufacturing departments to perform analysis on operational performance, equipment OEE gaps, manufacturing bottle necks, overall capacity limiting factors and develop action plans across whole supply chain (beginning to end).
  • As Global IE, you will be expected to learn and understand current manufacturing site cycle time performance and drive continues improvement in lot ship plan prediction logic for better accuracy.
  • As Global IE, you will be expected to continuously optimize capacity statement via OEE modelling validation and cycle time modelling and entitlement.
  • As Global IE, you will be expected to learn/master capacity statement and develop corporate level capacity modelling to measure allocation linearity (end to end) and identify potential bottleneck and underutilized capacity groups.
  • This position requires potential candidate to have the ability understand complex problems with many different variables and ability to simplify for others along with alternative options to solve challenges in near and long term.
  • As Global IE, you will be expected to respond urgent manufacturing / supply chain planning and/or operations questions such as production ramp limitations and line optimizations.
  • As Global IE, you will be expected to communicate effectively with many different organizations and cross functional teams such as production, equipment engineering, planning, and supply chain so can clearly collect data (input) to be able to formalize proposals and solutions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, supply chain or related field
  • Min of 6 years of semiconductor experience
  • Good understanding of Factory KPI’s such as OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency, UPH, Cycle Time, X-Factor, Capacity Modelling and Utilization, WIP, Dispatching and etc. preferred
  • Strong analytical skills (This position requires reviewing and analyzing large data sets and come to meaningful conclusion)
  • Advanced level of EXCEL knowledge is critical (Ability to set up macros and formulas in excel)
  • SQL knowledge is essential to be able to manage large data sets from different databases


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