International University of Malaya-Wales Sdn Bhd

Executive of International Student Office – KUALA LUMPUR


1. Processing of student visa

  • Preparing Stamping Personal Bond for new student 
  • Preparing new applications documentation
  • Apply visa online through EMGS system (EMGS – Education Malaysia Global Services)
  • Monitoring application (approved, rejected or resubmission)
  • Collecting approval student letter to study in Malaysia from one-stop centre (EMGS company) 
  • Monitoring and ensure all passport sticker and procedures are in place all the time
  • Monitoring and ensure all the passport sent to get the extension before due date (including preparing documents)
  • Preparing Special Pass documents, sticker and dependents pass if necessary 
  • Manages unit orders for work/Updates information of student visa procedure 

2. Enquiries & service delivery

  • Assists applicants during the process of applying, extending, shorting, transferring and overstaying clearance by providing information on visa types and recommending proper procedures.
  • Updating applicants or  student sales representative (SSR) on the processing status (approve/reject) 
  • Advising staff and students on the immigration procedures
  • Handle all enquiries in a courteous and helpful way; these may be by telephone, email, letter, fax or in person including servicing the student counter.
  • Assist with University Open Days, Orientation and Registration days, convocation and other admissions related university events
  • To participate in official University events and various university committee
  • Represent the University at higher education conventions.

3. Student on boarding and pastoral care

  • Solving problem regarding student pass/ visas / passport and ensure all the matters can be solve into short period
  • Monitoring and preparing student aboard (pick-up arrangement) 
  • To provide students with the required information with regards to their stay in Malaysia
  • To assist students in settling down and adapting to the local culture

4. Office management

  • Routine office duties such as photocopying, filing, computer work/typing, answering the telephone, preparing & mailing information to Embassy/KPT/KDN and Immigration if required
  • Assisting with set-up of meetings and special events
  • Special projects emanating from the Director’s and/or the President
  • To manage and plan the budget for student visa activities
  • To formulate and review SOP and policies within the International Student Office
  • To provide leadership to the team in International Student Office and allocate appropriate amount of workload to the subordinates
  • To monitor the expenses are within the budget allocated
  • To upkeep the office and ensure the work area is safe and tidy
  • To ensure the security of the student records 
  • Be aware of the implications of the Data Protection rules on the processing of student and staff data 

5. Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

  • Preparing documentation to get the license for recruiting new international student 
  • Dealing with Government Bodies (KPT, KDN & Immigration Dept.)
  •  Dealing with the embassy officer and Immigration officer (reporting students enrolment, activities and study status) 


  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Management as and when required


  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree in any related field 
  • At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position
  • Responsible and dependable (i.e. must report to work as scheduled)
  • Good communication skills, and ability to work in multicultural environments. 
  • Demonstrate a pleasant and willing attitude
  • Visa unit background as a leader is the most preferred
  • Familiar and experienced in Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS), Immigration Department of Malaysia information, laws, guidelines, procedures, rules & regulation


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