Engineer – JOHOR BAHRU

Job Highlights

  • On Job Training
  • Career Enhancement
  • Employee Free Parking

Job Description

  • Analysis and improvement of production improvement in the production department;
  • Quotation evaluation, production tracking and problem improvement of new products, and participate in the introduction of new projects;
  • Improve the production process and product performance, and formulate corresponding work instructions; Departmental lean production organization to promote work
  • PCB board design review, process plan confirmation, development and verification
  • Cause analysis, treatment and prevention of defective products such as internal and external inspections and customer complaints;
  • Familiar with the process development process of electronic products, with innovation ability, communication ability, planning ability, analysis and judgment ability, improvement ability
  • Familiar with relevant office software, and have a preliminary grasp of the use of PRO-E drawing software
  • Familiar with production process control methods and quality analysis and control tools; proficient in process improvement tools;
  • Familiar with SMT, plug-in, wave soldering, testing and other production processes, and know the process control points
  • Familiar with the improvement and improvement of electronic product technology, tooling and fixtures, quick thinking, strong ability to analyze and deal with production process problems
  • Have a strong ability to analyze and deal with production technical problems, be able to work independently, formulate standard operating specifications SOP, train and guide production line employees
  • College degree or above, major in electronics, electrical, and communication, with more than one year of relevant experience
  • Understand the management standards of process work series, program documents, and product quality, safety and environmental protection standards
  • Able to work independently, write PFMEA, SOP, train and guide production line staff
  • Possess strong communication, coordination and execution skills, a high degree of professionalism, a positive and optimistic work attitude, good at interacting with people of various personalities.
  • Fresh graduated are welcome. 

APPLY AT :- https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/job/engineer-5568812?jobId=jobstreet-my-job-5568812&sectionRank=11&token=0~9acae675-e4c0-458e-bef5-c5095eec3eb7&searchPath=%2Fjobs&fr=SRP%20View%20In%20New%20Tab

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