Bursa Malaysia Berhad

Manager, Administration – KUALA LUMPUR

Job Highlights

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • Exposure to Financial Market & Diverse Asset Classes

Job Description

Manager, Administration is responsible to plan, supervise and manage the daily operations of the Administration unit to ensure the services provided meet customers’ expectations and are performed in a seamless and efficient manner in accordance to the approved guidelines, policies & procedures.

Key Responsibilities:

I. Management of Administration Services

a) Plan automation initiatives for Administration Department, provide recommendations to implement, lead and manage the projects until completion. i.e. Mailing office services, Company vehicle services, LOU services, Travel agent services, Asset tracking, etc.

b) Lead, review and provide recommendations on contract renewals and selection of vendors for administration related services.

c) Plan non-IT asset requirement such as printers, water filters, projectors, shredders, etc. for entire Bursa office.

d) Review request for new non-IT assets and provide recommendations based on cost effectiveness, life-span of equipment and necessity.

e) Oversee special projects and keep track of progress towards the company’s goals as and when necessary.

f) Verify and administer the entire payment of corporate invoices from receiving of invoices to payment to ensure all payments are processed in accordance to internal procedures/ guidelines/ practices, within the set timeline and with no disruption to critical services at Bursa. i.e. multifunction photocopier machine, pool mobile phone bills, Bloomberg, Astro, offsite storage, petrol cards, bouquet, total water, Coway, and any project that are generally managed by Admin.

g) Manage feedback from the user, supervise day-to-day operations, and continuously look for ways to improve processes and procedures, to achieve the department’s target in terms of customers’ satisfaction, cost optimization, and turnaround time.

h) Manage the procurement and maintenance of office equipment and company vehicles to ensure no disruption to operations and they are always maintained in good condition.

i) Collaborate with other departments such as Group Sustainability, Group Technology, Group Comms, Finance Departments on constant basis to provide administrative, services and maintenance supports.

j) Conduct meetings with vendors’ technical personnel as and when necessary.

k) Establish and manage an effective record management system for ease of managing information, reference and ensure admin-related information are recorded in a uniform manner. i.e. Corporate subscription, vendor listing, etc.

l) Verify usage of admin purchasing card applications and transactions to ensure the payment process is in accordance with the procedure.

m) Take up the role of Divisional Data Steward to monitor and control information leakages and ensure compliance to Data Loss Prevention Guidelines.

II. Management of Digitization Services

a) Direct, plan and manage digitization progress to ensure efficient document handling and retrieval in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Document Management related policies.

b) Analyse and promote the Digitization facility to ensure operational efficiency.

c) Analyse and generate necessary management report/ dashboard, reports in managing stakeholders’ expectations.

III. Cost Management

a) Plan and propose annual budget that includes basis for estimation for authority’s approval.

b) Oversee and keep abreast with the development of administration services and provide recommendations for cost-effectiveness i.e. telecommunication services, off-site storage service, non-IT assets request, air traveling request, company vehicle request, mobile phone application, etc.

c) Collaborate with Finance and Management teams to set budgets, monitor, and verify spending of the company’s administrative expenses.

IV. Administration Guidelines Policies & Procedures

a) Develop, review, benchmark, propose recommendations and improve administrative systems, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

b) Monitor and ensure administrative operations adhere to internal policies, processes, and procedures.

V. People Management

a) Plan and implement work rotation for staff who are providing services to internal customers such as operators, tea ladies, receptionist, drivers and mailing office to ensure that they can multi task and are competent enough to cover other jobs when understaffed.

b) Recruit, train, supervise, evaluate, and provide a corrective action plan to administration staff to ensure maximum efficiency as and when necessary.

c) Oversee and ensure the performance of drivers, telephone operators, tea ladies, despatch and receptionists are at optimum level.

d) Oversee and manage work schedule, leave, claims, and overtime of drivers, telephone operators, tea ladies, despatch, and receptionist.

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