Tuck Hua Metal Works Sdn Bhd

HR & ADMIN EXECUTIVE – Kajang/Bangi/Serdang

Job Description

  • Responsible for the full spectrum of HR functions.
  • Manage the day to day activities of HR including payroll administration, employee relations, manpower planning, recruitment, hiring, training development planning.
  • Monitor employee attendance and overtime.
  • To update and maintain employee files and database.
  • Handling foreign workers related issues including permit/passport renewal, repatriation, KDN application, Fomema, hostel management.
  • Handling disciplinary issue.
  • Liaise with respective government statutory bodies for related matters (EPF, Socso, EIS, LHDN, HRDF, JTK, DOSH).
  • To implement and monitor company policies.
  • Familiar with Employment Act.
  • Any ad hoc duties assigned by the management.

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