Fulfillment Assistant -KUALA LUMPUR / CHERAS

Job Responsibilities:

1. Order Processing:

  – Accurately process incoming orders through our order management system.

  – Verify order details, including product, quantity, and shipping information.

  – Coordinate with the warehouse team to ensure product availability and stock levels.

2. Pick and Pack:

  – Efficiently pick products from designated storage areas based on order specifications.

  – Carefully and securely pack orders to prevent damage during transit.

  – Label packages correctly for shipment and prepare them for carrier pickup.

  – Request stocks from other outlets to fulfill the order within the limited timeframe given.

3. Quality Control:

  – Conduct thorough quality checks on products to maintain our high-quality standards.

  – Identify and report any damaged or defective items before shipment.

4. Inventory Management:

  – Assist in maintaining accurate inventory records.

  – Monitor stock levels and communicate with relevant teams to reorder products as needed.

  – Key in sales invoices on a daily basis to assure the inventory system has updated stock count information.

5. Shipping and Logistics:

  – Coordinate with shipping carriers and schedule pickups.

  – Ensure timely and accurate dispatch of shipments.

  – Track and update order status to keep marketing team informed.

6. Housekeeping:

  – Keep the location and the product clean from time to time.

Job Requirements:

– High school diploma or equivalent. Additional education or certification in logistics or supply chain management is a plus.

– Proven experience in a fulfillment, warehouse, or logistics role is preferred.

– Strong attention to detail and accuracy in order processing and inventory management.

– Familiarity with order management systems.

– Excellent communication and teamwork skills to collaborate effectively with marketing team.

– Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to handle high-pressure situations.

– Flexibility to work occasionally overtime and weekends during peak seasons.


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