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Executive Secretary / Personal Assistant – SUBANG JAYA, SELANGOR

Job Summary:

The Executive Secretary / Personal Assistant to Director plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive administrative support to the director of the designated department. This position involves managing a diverse range of tasks to facilitate the efficient functioning of the director’s daily responsibilities and contribute to the overall success of the department.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Scheduling and Calendar Management:    

• Manage and organize the executive’s calendar, including scheduling appointments, meetings, and events.

• Coordinate travel arrangements, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation.

• Schedule, prepare agendas, take meeting minutes, and coordinate follow-up actions for various meetings attended by the Director.

• Assist the Director in managing their to-do list, helping to prioritize tasks and ensuring important deadlines are met.

2. Communication and Correspondence: 

• Handle phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication on behalf of the executive.

• Maintain an organized filing system for both digital and physical documents, ensuring easy retrieval of information.

• Draft and proofread emails, memos, and other documents.

3. Administrative Support: 

• Organize and maintain files, documents, and records, both physical and digital.

• Prepare presentations, reports, and spreadsheets.

• Handle basic bookkeeping tasks and expense tracking.

4. Task and Project Management:

• Assist with planning and executing projects, ensuring deadlines are met.

• Prioritize tasks and manage to-do lists to ensure efficient workflow.

5. Client and Stakeholder Interaction:

• Interact with clients, partners, and stakeholders on behalf of the executive.

• Maintain positive relationships and handle inquiries or requests.

6. Event Planning and Coordination: 

• Plan, organize, and coordinate company events, meetings, and conferences.

• Arrange logistics, catering, and other event-related details.

7. Personal Support: 

• Assist with personal tasks such as making reservations, shopping, and managing household matters.

• Coordinate personal appointments and commitments.

8. Content Creation:

•  Produce high-quality written content, on behalf for Director’s social media.

•  Ensure all content is engaging, accurate, and aligned with the Director’s requirement. 

9. Confidentiality and Discretion:

• Handle sensitive information and maintain a high level of confidentiality.

10. Ad Hoc Support:

• Provide support for any other tasks or projects as needed by the Director.


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