CFO Assistant – IPOH, PERAK

Ipoh, Perak

Financial Accounting & Reporting (Accounting)

Full time

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A) Job Responsibilities:-

1. Analyst Briefing:

– Coordinate and schedule analyst briefings, ensuring timely and efficient communication with internal and external stakeholders.

– Assist in the preparation of presentation materials, financial reports, and data analysis for analyst meetings.

– Act as a liaison between the CFO and financial analysts, ensuring smooth information flow and addressing inquiries promptly.

2. Agreement Proofreading and Checking:

– Review and proofread legal agreements, contracts, and financial documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with company standards.

– Maintain a comprehensive database of reviewed agreements and provide timely updates to the CFO.

3. Authority Letter Preparation:

– Draft, edit, and finalize authority letters on behalf of the CFO for various financial and operational matters.

– Ensure that authority letters adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, and obtain necessary approvals before dissemination.

– Maintain a systematic filing system for all authority letters for easy retrieval and reference.

4. Policy Preparation:

– Collaborate with relevant departments to gather information for the development and update of financial policies.

– Draft and prepare comprehensive financial policies and procedures in alignment with industry best practices and regulatory guidelines.

– Regularly review and update existing policies, ensuring they reflect the organization’s current objectives and comply with relevant regulations.

5. General Administrative Support:

– Manage and coordinate the CFO’s calendar, scheduling meetings, appointments, and briefings.

– Assist in ad-hoc administrative tasks as needed, demonstrating flexibility and a proactive approach to support the CFO and the finance team.

B) Job Requirements: –

-Candidates must possess at least Degree or equivalent.

-Required language(s): Mandarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia.

– Previous experience in a similar role, preferably in a finance or legal environment.

– Strong organizational and multitasking abilities.

– Exceptional attention to detail and excellent proofreading skills.

– Proficiency in MS Office suite and other relevant tools.

– Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

– ┬áPreferably at least 1 to 2 years of Finance & Account working experience.


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