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Offsites & Utilities Engineer – KUALA LUMPUR

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What role you will play in the team

ExxonMobil is a place where we believe people should think independently, take initiative, grow to their full potential, and help shape the future of energy. With a long history of industry leadership and cutting-edge innovation, we are committed to addressing the dual challenge facing society today: meeting the world’s growing demand for energy while reducing environmental impacts, including the risk of climate change.
We are expanding our Kuala Lumpur Technology Center organization and looking for passionate individuals with a creative and innovative mind-set to drive change in our business, and who enjoy working in dynamic, collaborative, and diverse global teams.
Currently, we have an opportunity for an experienced Offsite & Utilities engineer to join our Facilities and O&U Engineering. The role is based in Menara ExxonMobil in Kuala Lumpur.

What you will do

If successful, you will be part of the Facilities and O&U Engineering department, ExxonMobil. You will contribute in generating business value for the company through improvement activities, operational troubleshooting and project support in an open, innovative and collaborative environment with high quality, capital efficient analyses. 
We are looking for an individual experienced in Offsite (Tankage) and Marine Terminal operations who will play a key role in the technical design decisions we take. Key deliverables include:
•    Troubleshoot offsite operational concern for sites. (i.e. safety, hydraulic constraint, etc.)
•    Lead improvement initiatives within Offsite (i.e. oil movement within Offsite, tank design, design practices, new technology, logistic & berth optimization, etc.) 
•    Lead the execution from various stages in project. 
•    Provide mentoring and technical quality check on engineers’ work. 

Skills and Qualifications

To be eligible for this role, you must:
•    Have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or related engineering specialty and/or hold other relevant industry experience.
•    10 years minimum experience in Offsite, Tankage or Terminal operations in Oil and Gas Industry and preferably in onsite manufacturing process. 
•    Knowledgeable/familiar with the codes / standards such as API 650/653/2350/2000/MPMS, NFPA
•    Experience in tankage maintenance, blending, PQ, logistic, marine, petroleum measurement and custody transfer. 
•    Hands on experience with process simulation tools for hydraulic (i.e. AFT, Pipenet, Hysys)
•    Be able to demonstrate the following:
o    Strong communication and interpersonal skills
o    Ability to collaborate effectively with internal and external customers
o    Innovative and analytical thinking
o    Intellectual rigor, strong drive, and desire to lead change
•    Ability to work in a multi-cultural global team

Preference will be given to those with the following additional skills / abilities:
•    Ability to manage workload under time pressure and changing priorities
•    Working knowledge of data infrastructure, pipelines, and data integration processes to understand data access issues
•    An appreciation of data science and machine learning applications and the related data requirements)


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