Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

Assistant Director, Regulatory Sabah State Office (Keningau/Tawau Branch)

Job Summary

Responsible for facilitating and executing the operation of The Regulatory & Compliance Unit and The Quality Monitoring & Assignment Unit activities to ensure all activities related to enforcement, compliance, complaint handling, regulatory function of MCMC, quality of service, spectrum and network monitoring, as well as ad hoc tasks, are well managed in compliance with all the SOP.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and conduct enforcement and investigation activities.
  • Act as an Investigation Officer (IO) and Raiding Officer (RO) to conduct the surveillance and raiding operation.
  • Assist in conducting and coordinating preliminary information gathering based on the statement from the complainant, suspect or witness.
  • Assist in enforcement actions that include issuing statutory and penalty notice and assisting in preparing prosecution as part of the enforcement process.
  • Ensure the evidence collection and preservation follow the SOPs and provision of the law.
  • Facilitate and provide details enforcement activities, reports and conclude task assignments, including those ad hoc tasks assigned in line with the SOP
  • Execute all monitoring activities and ensure total compliance by all licensees and the general pubic in the branch office, e.g. unlicensed NFP.
  • Assist in gathering local intelligence significant for future/planned enforcement activities.
  • Effectively address and resolve the complaints/reported cases in line with SOP.
  • Facilitate and conduct consumer awareness programmes for stakeholders (public and government agencies).
  • Assist in providing technical assistance and managing appropriate recommendations to address and resolve identified issues to other law enforcement agencies and engage in inter-agency collaboration efforts.
  • Conduct periodic Drive Tests (QoS) based on schedule (fixed, mobile, DTT, FWA).
  • Undertake verification and inspection activities to verify fixed and mobile broadband service quality in compliance with relevant Mandatory Standards (MS QoS), which includes outdoor and indoor coverage.
  • Undertake Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) investigations (government only) and make recommendations for rectification.
  • Ensure proper management of resources and tools via Barcode Asset Management System (BAMS) as well as contract renewal, schedule maintenance and calibration. i.e. MMS, NASMOC.
  • Conduct site audit to ensure all spectrum users have valid AA licenses and comply with the
  • approved license condition.
  • Participate in disaster management activities.

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