Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Executive Vice President, Transformation Management Office – KUALA LUMPUR

Job Description

  • Lead the company-wide transformation strategy, including identifying and prioritizing initiatives, setting objectives and KPIs, and creating an implementation roadmap.
  • Ensure the transformation strategy aligns with the company’s overall mission, values, and long-term goals.
  • Create a culture of transformation across the organization, promoting continuous improvement, innovation, and change management best practice.
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and support to cross-functional teams responsible for executing transformation initiatives.
  • Identify and implement effective change management strategies to minimize disruption and maximize adoption of new processes, systems, and tools.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of communication and training plans to ensure all employees are informed and prepared for transformation initiatives.
  • Leverage data analytics and various metrics to identify opportunities for improvement, and drive the advancement and impact of transformation initiatives.


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