Hankyu Hanshin Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Hankyu Hanshin Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Logistics Customer Service Clerk (Subang Jaya )

Job Description

Requirements :

1 SPM with minimum 2 years experience in warehouse/store industry and/or trucking.  

2 Ability to write and converse in English and Bahasa Malaysia. 

3 Understand basic computer knowledge. 

4 Pleasant personality with basic analytical, inter-personal and communication. 

5 Diligent, skillful and able to work closely with all internal departments. 6 Possess own transport and valid license.

Major Responsibilities :

1 To communicate and support customer in Logistics services. / Authorities

2 To assist Logistics department head and other colleagues in achieving department goals and objectives and perform tasks given by superior as and when ordered.


i) Check Incoming stocks from customer and tally against Invoice & Packing List. 

ii) Display the stocks according to assigned shelfs/racks and locations. Check and inspect regularly the unstuffing job carried out by our appointed warehouse operator and ensure the storage and racking is well recorded and organised.  

iii) For Outgoing shipment, arrange for correct picking and packing as per order received from customer and then make arrangement for customs clearance (if requred) and arrange for delivery for a timely distribution.  iv) In case where there is no specific picking list or order, picking of items should be based on ‘FIFO’. Pick the goods and double check by different person to ensure correct picking. Double check the goods picked to ensure correct picking.   

v) Stuff, pack and seal the parcel or arrange for palletization if required. Check consignment note against the shipping invoice. Print out D/O and other Documents and handover the goods or parcels to transporter.  vi) Check stock at day end after including new incoming shipment and deducting outgoing stocks. Discrepancies such as shortage or extra, part delivery, cancelled shipment or wrong delivery must be informed to customer immediately. Conduct regular stock or inventory check and report. vii) Ensure warehouse and racks / shelfs are clean and tidy by conducting housekeeping periodically. Raise Costing and Billing for Warehouse Storage and Handling Charges, etc at beginning of each month, or when there is any incoming or outgoing shipment.   


i) Receive booking from customer / shipper on ad-hoc, daily or monthly basis. Based on the booking received, place truck booking according to truck size required with HHE or sub-contractor. 

ii) Upon finalising truck booking, advice customer / shipper the booking confirmation with truck details (truck no., Driver’s name, truck arrival time, etc).  

iii) Follow up with customer / shipper for Invoice, Packing List, Trucking Instruction and other necessary documents such as Form D, PRS (for customer with AEO status such as Panasonic only), etc. [For CBT Shipment] Forward Invoice, Packing List and other documents to Transporter for application of customs formalities (process for entry) at border.  

iv) [For CBT Shipment] Raise Truck Waybill with details of shipper, consignee, container no., seal no., truck no., contents, weight, volume and freight charge (prepaid / collect). [For Domestic Shipment] Raise Delivery Order with details of shipper, consignee, truck no., contents,  weight, volume, goods/order description and freight charge (prepaid/collect).  v) Upon shipment’s arrival at destination, send POD to customer / shipper.  vi) Follow up with Trucking company (HHE or sub-contractor) for their Invoice and supporting documents, and thereafter raise invoice. 

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