Job Description

Staff Recruitment

·       Identifying and recruiting prospective candidates using variety of channels

·       Creating social media content or conducting events (local events, workshops, meetups, open day, etc) to generate quality leads in recruiting.

·       Assessing candidates to ensure qualification match, cultural fit and compatibility

·       Conducting interviews and reference checks

·       Reviewing & updating job descriptions regularly

·       Manage staff recruitment and appointment as per relevant policies, procedures, business rules and processes.

·       Maintain an accurate and up-to-date recruitment register and repository of resumes.

·       Execute the advertising of vacancies through appropriate advertisement channels in a timely manner to support effective recruitment activities.

·       Effective and efficient coordination of recruitment activities including the set-up of selection committee, administration of resume, arrangement of shortlisting meetings and interviews, etc.

·       Coordinate the submission of relevant pre-employment documentation and effectively manage queries from prospective staff.

·       Organise the filing of personal file for new staff in a systematic and timely manner.

Staff on-boarding

·       Provide effective candidate management to facilitate a smooth on-boarding experience for new staff.

·       Conduct effective one-to-one briefings for new staff on broad HR matters as per on-boarding process.

·       Effective liaison with hiring managers and relevant units to ensure smooth on-boarding experience for new staff.

·       Facilitate the collection of all relevant pre-employment documentation in a timely manner to ensure efficient and seamless processing by other HR sub-units.

Issuance and renewal of contract

·       Ensure accurate preparation and issuance of contract of employment based on the business process and approved templates.

·       Manage staff contract expiry, follow-up with relevant stakeholders and initiate contract renewals in line with the relevant business rule and processes.

·       Provide advice and guidance to stakeholders on the contract management processes including academic contracts.


·       Possess Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or other relevant course;

·       Great attitude, able to meet deadlines and detail-oriented;

·       Good time-management and organizational skills – ability to multitask and prioritise daily tasks;

·       Experience in conducting different types of interviews (phone, online and face-to-face);

·       A critical thinker and possess good stakeholder management skills;

·       Has strong sense of responsibility and accountability towards delivery and tasks assigned;

·       Independent and able to perform in a fast-paced working environment.

Salary Package : RM5,000 + Commission

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