Possehl Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Planning Executive / Planner


1.     To assist in managing, administrating and supervising a group of subordinates.

2.     Responsible of ensuring every subordinates abide by the company policies, rules and regulations, etc.

3.     Responsible of executing and implementing company activities related to such as Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Safety & Health Management System, company policies, rules and regulations, etc.

4.     Responsible of analyzing, organizing, coordinating and delegating jobs to the respective subordinates.

5.     Responsible of executing and implementing instructions given by the immediate superior.

6.     To assist in managing and administrating subordinates career development.

7.     To assist in planning, organizing, coordinating and delegating jobs to the respective subordinates.

8.     Responsible of dealing with confidential matters, business affairs and trade secrets of the company.


1.     To purchase direct materials such as raw blank & etched frame and indirect materials such as spacers, tapes and others. To support the purchase with documents such as forecast quantities, consumption rate and price.

2.     Issue of monthly / weekly planning documents to Stamping, Plating, Assembly and Final Inspection (AVS).

3.     To generate monthly planning file and capacity utilization for planning department.

4.     To monitor subcon DTP planning and liaise with DTP on monthly basis.

5.     To ensure planning system complies with TS16949 requirement and prepare documents to support audit conducted by Customer for purchase raw blank or etch frame and delivery planning commitment processes in this company.

6.     To coordinate scraping of aging raw blank / etched frames by filled up scrap material form and get approval from Possehl management team. To ensure scrap material being disposed by warehouse team.

7.     To lead a team to meet and achieve company objectives and targets in material management and planning.

8.     Responsible for the material planning both internally and externally to meet customer requirement.

9.     To assist the department head in handling, planning, and coordinating the incoming and outgoing materials needed to support the operations.

10. To liaise and work with production department on the material planning and schedule as well as Material Supply for production output and targets.

11. To maintain good relationship and strive for service excellence.

12. To safeguard customer’s interest and balance up internal operation efficiency by communication and coordinating the right needs and information to the right source.

13. To liaise on related matters with relevant departments and customers where required. Organize the purchase of consumable and other goods as well as close cooperation with Customer Service an efficient shipment (including inland transportation) planning to customers. (To give estimated delivery date)

14. To control the inventory of raw frames, goods in – process, dummy frames, rejected frames and finished goods.

15. To establish and maintain high housekeeping standard.

16. Responsible for developing staff competencies through effective training, communication and motivation.

17. To assist the Department Head for generating report as required from time to time. New assignment as required from time to time.

18. To execute any other duties assigned by the superior.


1.     Certificate, Diploma, or Degree in Business Administration or in any other equivalent discipline.

2.     Specializing in Planning/ Inventory/ Material Management, with knowledge in material handling or equivalent.

3.     Minimum 2 to 5 years related experience in Purchasing, Material Planning, Control and Material Management, Customer Service, Shipping, or Warehouse is required for this position.

4.     Good teamwork, motivation, communication, and inter-personal skills required.

5.     Proactive, self-started, highly motivated, dynamic individual, and a team player.

6.     A results-oriented person with excellent drive, initiative, and the ability to work under tight datelines.

7.     Able to work long working hours.

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