Junior Purchaser – MYR 2,000 – MYR 2,800


  • Plan & control the ordering process to ensure optimal ordering level at all time.
  • Ensure efficient procurement service.
  • Work together with planning & supply chain to fulfil customer order & on-time delivery.
  • Plan & arrangement of material delivery schedule.
  • Purchasing operational flow.
  • Liaise with others department with purchase/delivery status.
  • Placing orders with suppliers or vendors and ensuring that document is in order.
  • Deliver cost- saving programs, support purchasing department.
  • Interact with suppliers on a day–to–day basis to ensure all products are supplied and delivered and are in accordance to purchase order.
  • Coordinate with sales department and supplier to maintain good inventory level and delivery schedules.
  • Plan and manage the inventory level of the products.
  • Monitor the quantity and quality as well timeliness of good delivered to the warehouse and ensure do a stock receiving in computer.
  • Liaise with forwarder for export/import activities.

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