Nova Laboratories Sdn Bhd

Marketing Executive

The Job:

Assisting in developing and implementing marketing plans.

Assisting in creating and posting social media content.

Providing consultations to our customers via phone, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Providing timely and accurate replies to customers’ enquiries.

Providing wellness consultation for a customer.

Consistently providing excellent customer service to further strengthen the customer relationship.

Other duties as assigned.

The Requirements:

You’ll also be expected to have the following,

  • Prior experience can be a plus, but a good attitude coupled with the willingness to learn and adapt is more important.
  • Respect for people and ideas.
  • Good English writing skills is a must. An ability to write in Bahasa Melayu and/or Mandarin is a plus-point.
  • Organized and have good attention to detail.
  • Bachelor Degree in Nutrition or any science discipline.
Additional Details:

Personal Attributes & Characteristics:

  • Passionate about improving health by providing guidance on good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Creative: able to see other perspectives and to use imagination to try out new approaches
  • Enthusiastic: presenting a positive and zealous attitude
  • Persistent: continues firmly in the face of adversity or problems and able to work under pressure


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