Pos Malaysia Berhad

Management Trainee

Tarikh Tutup : 30 APRIL 2021

1. Completing all assigned tasks and assisting with day-to-day operations of front office.
2. Participating in meetings, workshops, and other learning opportunities.
3. Observing and learning from experienced staff members.
4. Gaining knowledge of company policies, protocols, and processes.
5. Taking detailed notes and liaising with Managers, Supervisors, and other senior staff.
6. Fulfilling any requirements and meeting goals set out at the start of the traineeship.
7. Following all company regulations, and health and safety codes.
8. Preparing documents and updating records.
9. Value Creation & Management – Work collaboratively to generate innovative solutions that
deliver improved business results. Facilitate continuous improvement projects to add value.
10. Innovation – Adapt existing processes, methods and ways of working to drive efficiency. Use digital technologies to develop new ideas, projects and opportunities.
11. Project Management – Lead collaborative projects end-to-end to deliver its objectives and expected outcomes.
12. Support strong teamwork, good communication and a positive work environment.

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